Urpi’s story begins in 2019 with a clear and unique vision of the future authenticity of Peruvian cuisine. Urpi’s creation is run by a Peruvian family and chef. Our main goal is to provide you with excellent food and service, to make you feel at home.

we deliver, takeout & catering services

A new way to experience peruvian cuisine with a daily touch of fresh ingredients

Seafood – Lamb – Duck – Beef – Chicken


Our fresh Raw fish, seafood (or mix) marinated on fresh lime juice, red onions & cilantro served with steamed sweet potato, cancha & choclo.

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(comes with soda) 12-3:30
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Our Menu​

Choros a la chalaca

Raw mussles marinated with lime juice, diced bright onion and tomato topping.


Papa a la huancaina o Yuca a la huancaina

Boiled potatoes or cassava covered with andean cream – milk, cheese, peruvian yellow pepper and the secrets of huancayo.



Three skewers laying in a secret marinate mix from our wise chef

beef heart $9 - chicken $8 - shrimp $11


Fried or grilled calamari with fried yuca and salsa criolla.



Three colombian patties stuffed with shredded beef, chicken, or cheese.


Chicharones de cerdo

Peruvian style fried pork belly with fried yuca and salsa criolla. 


Restaurant is proud to be serving you the best Lomo Saltado in town



No cork fee charge

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